Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We supply and install wide range of security devices:-

-Door Access
-Auto Gate, and etc.
We are dealer (CCTV) for:-

-Cop Security(Taiwan)
-Pluxio IP Cam(Taiwan)
-Sonny Lux(China)
-Hawell PC Card(China)
-Vivotek IP Cam(Taiwan)
-Alhua IP Cam(China)

We are dealer (Alarm) for:-

-Blugard Wired/ Wireless(Malaysia)
-Paradox Wired(Canada)
-Magellan(Paradox) Wireless(Canada)
-Supa Wireless(Malaysia)
-Supa Wired(Malaysia)
-Micron(New Zealand)
-Rosslare Wired(Europe)
-Homelogix(Rosslare) Wireless(Europe)

We are dealer (Door Access) for:-

-Prox II

Please call us for more details and prices..019-3888831/012-2822231 (Douglas

Thank you for being interested in our business..We appreciate it much.. :)

We are looking forward to serve u..